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Our Mind Made #3 - Can we find cosiness for our soul?

Our Mind Made #3 - Can we find cosiness for our soul?

This month we unpack The little Book of Hygge by Meik Viking. A book about the Danish way of being content and living well. Special guest, Mik Aidt, beautifully opens this conversation for us.

There's a lot of darkness; add on top of that coldness. The whether is often rainy, snowy, hailing, windy. What the Danes have done to survive that climate is invent ways of coping with it. They cope, and even look forward to long, dark, cold days by fostering cosiness and being together. These are the sentiments of Mik Aidt; Danish dad of 3 teenagers, Podcast host of The Sustainable Hour and gorgeous describer of what Hygge really is.

After our charming Hygge introduction from Mik the conversation turns to the Our Mind Book Clubs key learnings from the book - Think light, leaning into togetherness and an appreciation for the good times we already have.

We then go on to describe ways we have been threading Hygee into our moments and leaning into this cosiness for our souls.

This months meditation is a visualisation practice - In honour of Hygge its been dubbed - The care and comfort Meditation - It’s all about sinking in to those cosy feel-good feelings and taking a moment to acknowledge how content it makes us to feel.

If you want to be a part of the Our Mind Book Club think tank, touch base

Email - saraourmind@gmail.com

Also get your ears around Mik’s Podcast

The Sustainable Hour - https://podcast.climatesafety.info

Borrow the book from your local library or buy The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking if you want [or need] the antidote to cold and dark for keeps -


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