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Our Mind Made
Words can make us want to touch the page

Words can make us want to touch the page

Feeling into four poems from The Hurting Kind by Ada Limón

One of the club members dubbed the task of this months reading as ‘Broccoli for the soul’

For some of us, who love our greens, it was a pleasure reading Ada’s poems and feeling into the words and sentiment, for others it was sad and confusing - For all of us it seems though, the words touched us in some way or another.

The poems from The hurting kind were largely written over the covid years and we certainly felt the strain of those years in Ada’s writing - the shared experience of feeling helpless, seeing the world differently and a weary longing for something more.

Ada also expressed the beauty of life’s small inconsequential moments and this was not missed on us either. We reminisced about our childhoods, family members we adored and a deep seated urge to feel and be fully in our lives

Like all good poetry, Ada left us with questions, questions for her - “Who do you want to touch you Ada?” (The end of Poetry) but introspective queries too…”who do I want to learn from??

“who and what do I want to be touched by??..”

Ada’s book The Hurting Kind can be found at the major book stores and online and for a real treat, the audible copy is read by the Author herself.

To join the our mind book club simply email; saraourmind@gmail.com with the subject line Let me in the club - come on..we want your juicy brain!

We hope you enjoy your soul Broccoli!

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